Kelriia Frettlar (the__ivorytower) wrote in fandom_answers,
Kelriia Frettlar

Wee, obscure Naruto questions...

I have a couple of obscure questions, and I *completely* forgot I was in this comm. So!

1) Do any of the Hokage have canon names. I know Sarutobi (the third) and Tsunade (the fifth) but other than that..?
2) Is there any information at all on Hinata and Neji's mothers? Lee's parents? I picture Sakura's parents talking like the adults from Peanuts...
3) Were the First and Second Hokage leaders at around the same time, or had very short "reigns"? I got the impression that they were around the same age, but I can't be sure.
4) Does anyone recall them saying that the Sharingan is a variation on the Byakugan, and that the Uchiha clan was once part of the Hyuuga clan? See, *I* remember, and a friend remembers, but others don't, so I'm trying to pinpoint when they mention it, and there's a *lot* of show to rewatch (though I'm rereading the manga now).

er... I can't recall any more, but I'm sure they'll come to me!

Thanks for any/all help. I'm going to start making stuff up if I can't find answers, so...
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