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Kingdom Hearts, the Heartless, and their victims

Hi there, comm newbie here. OK, maybe all the KH fans out there can help me out with this, as it's pretty much driving me nuts and will have massive effect on how my fic is going to end. I need some clarification about Heartless and what happens to people who get their hearts stolen.

OK, I admit it's been a while since I've played the original game (and a few points of the second went sailing over my head), but I think I understand the following correctly:

- Heartless are beings without hearts (duh) who try to consume the hearts of humans and, eventually, entire worlds.
- Those that get their hearts stolen turn into Heartless. If they are particularly strong of heart/will, their empty bodies get turned into Nobodies (but, wait, in that case, what gets turned into a Heartless? And doesn't the body disappear when a person gets devoured?)
- If Sora defeats a Heartless, then the heart(s) that Heartless devoured gets released and returns to Kingdom Hearts (according to Saix).
- Eventually, if enough of them build up... something... happens... and the Organization gets hearts. I'm a bit iffy on the details of that one. >.>

And here are some extrapolations I made from certain comments in the game:

- the more powerful a person's heart is, the more powerful their Heartless and Nobody. This explains why Xaldin is panting for the Beast's Heartless/Nobody, or why Roxas kicks so much ass. It doesn't, however, explain why Sora turned into the cutest and dinkiest little Heartless ever made (perhaps, as well as a powerful heart, you have to have a lot of darkness?)
- When Sora releases the hearts from the Heartless, these hearts do NOT just go back to whoever they came from. Saix says they're "free and masterless" which I take to mean that they don't return to their original owners. Instead, they bugger off to Kingdom Hearts.

OK, so I'm a bit confused therefore as to how the dynamic works between a normal person, the Heartless they become, and their heart that gets extracted. In short, I want to know whether it's possible for a person to be "resurrected" from becoming a Heartless, or whether Sora is the only exception to the rule. To highlight:

- When a person is devoured by the Heartless, they become a Heartless. Does the Heartless retain any of the person's old memories? When Sora becomes a Heartless, he talks about falling into darkness and losing all his memories, but waking up to Kairi's voice. Would this count for anyone else (e.g. if it was, say, Cloud and Tifa in the same position), or is it only due to Sora's speshul shiny Keyblade holderness/Kairi's speshul shiny powers of Heart Princess? Was Sora only able to maintain his identity because he's the Keyblade holder, or could anyone with a heart manage it? And if so... do you think time is an issue (ie had Kairi not been right there, Sora would have been lost permanently)?

- OK, please someone explain to me wtf about the hearts that get released and bugger off to Kingdom Hearts. I used to think that they were what held the personality and identity of the person who was consumed by darkness, but since Saix said that A) they were "free and masterless" and B) that these hearts could eventually be used by the Nobodies, I gather that they don't actually have any personalities attached. So it's not like all these hearts are going to go back to their original owners... right? I AM SO CONFUZZLED. And if they don't go back... does that mean that the personality/soul/whatever of that individual is gone forever?

The reason I need to know all of this is that, in my fic, the heroine loses her best friend (who she loved) to the Heartless, and she really wants to get him back somehow. The problem is that I don't know if she can or not. I was going to have the other characters pull the whole, "Hmm, only Sora was ever able to come back," routine, but... I don't know how to end the fic, because I don't know whether it's possible or not. Is this covered in canon? Or will I have to make the call myself?
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