Dark Ice Dragon (darkicedragon) wrote in fandom_answers,
Dark Ice Dragon

Boktai: Solar Boy Django and Boktai: The Sun is in your hand

Just wondering if anyone could help me about the bloodlines in Boktai. In the second game, there are said to be three bloodlines that are containing Jormungandr. But what I don't get is that when I've tried to make sense of it, it seems like there's only two bloodlines doing that.

There's the Solar Boy bloodline (Django), the Dark Boy bloodline (Sabata), and then there's the Moon Beauty bloodline (Sabata again). Except, the Moon Beauty evolved from Dark Boy. So there's two phases for Lunar Children but there's only one for Solar Children? Not to mention that Lunar Children are meant to only be Immortals (or something like that) so then it started to make my head hurt.

And I'm still confused about what happened to Sabata. Was he just born a Dark Boy and then his body was corrupted by Dark Matter or was he born with Dark Matter in his system since it's "the energy source of Immortals".

Any help would helpful.
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